Sia Partners

Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results for our clients. 

Sia Partners was founded in France in 1999 and now employs over 800 consultants, within 19 offices in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Morocco, the Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and North America.

Since its foundation, Sia Partners has focused on:

  • Offering consulting services with high added value based on extensive knowledge of industries (e.g. market and regulatory evolutions, mergers and acquisitions);
  • Promoting the ‘pure player’ model of management consulting while remaining independent of the IT industry;
  • Developing strong skills sector by sector while continually striving for excellence.

Sia Partners aims to become a leader in the European independent consulting market.

Engie Electrabel

ENGIE Electrabel focusses on being a partner for its 2.8 million customers, listening to them and ensuring that they have the energy they need to live, by developping innovative and sustainable solutions. ENGIE Electrabel's competitive offer satisfies the expectations of their customers looking to better manage the challenges posed by the energy transition. 

To achieve this aim, ENGIE Electrabel can rely on the expertise of the ENGIE Group, a global energy player and an expert in three fields: electricity, natural gas and energy services.